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Keynote Forum




  • Day1. Future
  • Monday, September 4, 2017
    Urban Futures: “Living in the Inner City”

    Regenerating Urban Architecture for Cohesion and Sustainability


  • Panelists
  • Alvaro Puntoni
    Gruposp Arquitetos Partner, São Paulo
    “CONSTRUCTION OF EMPTY AS AN ANSWER TO EMPTY CITY” Gruposp Arquitetos Partner, São Paulo
    Wilfried WANG
    Architect Hoidn Wang Partner,
    O'Neil Ford Centennial Chair in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin Berlin Deputy Director of the Architecture Section at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin
    “Envisioning Growth”
    John PEPONIS
    Architect & Professor,
    School of Architecture, Georgia Tech
    Moderator & Speaker
    Sung Hong KIM
    Professor of Architecture and Urbanism
    University of Seoul
    “to be updated”
    “Urban Futures: Living in the Inter City,” the kick-off keynote forum of ‘UIA 2017

    Seoul, Soul of City’, will discuss the experiences, lessons, ideas, and endeavours from different cities and regions. At a time when managing and reversing man-induced climate change is imperative, how can the architecture of cities contribute to environmental quality? How can urban morphologies and building typologies related to ‘open-ness’ and ‘inclusiveness’ of different people and lifestyles? How is the urbanism of pluralism attainable by regenerating urban architecture? How can individual building design influence the formation of public space in the face of gentrification and commercialization? To what extent can architects turn the motivation of short-term private profits into the realization of long-term public benefits? How can buildings be inserted into urban infrastructures to upgrade informal sectors of megacities, and keep neighborhood networks working?

    Four speakers - John Peponis, Wilfried Wang, Alvaro Puntoni, and Sung Hong KIM - will present specific cases and examples from West Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia, and open up a discussion on the role and leadership of architects in a globally connected world in which we face interrelated local and global problems - the key agenda of UIA world congress.

  • Day2. Culture
  • Tuesday, September 5, 2017
    Culture: “Design with History”


  • Panelists
  • Kengo KUMA
    Professor, University of Tokyo
    “Memory of Places”
    H-Sang SEUNG
    Architect, IROJE
    “지문 / 地文 / landscript”
    Xiaodong LI
    Architect & Professor,
    Tsinghua University
    “Towards a Reflexive Regional Architecture”
    Bonghee JEON
    Professor, Seoul National University
    This Keynote Forum deals with how East Asian contemporary architects would perceive their long-standing history and overwhelming vestiges of tradition. Invited speakers who have shown distinctive perspectives on history during the age of globalization in the 21st century will be challenged to answer the question of “Where is history in your design practice?”

    They are the frontiers voicing up their opinions in the international architectural field, rather than showing a reserved attitude settling in the shadow of tradition. In their works, what are the different interpretations on the past and how do they project future of their own? This forum will be an excellent platform to open up the discourse of “similarities in differences.”

  • Day3. Culture
  • Wednesday, September 6, 2017
    Nature: “Humane Green Architecture: Whispering with the Green”


  • Panelists
  • Hani RASHID
    Co-Founder and Design partner, Asymptote
    “Architecture is Technology”
    Thomas TERAYAMA
    Nikken Sekkei
    “Cultivating Culture from Nature Integrated Planning and Building Design Concepts for A New University in Mecca, KSA”
    Winy MAAS
    Co-Founding Director, MVRDV
    “What’s next”
    Young Kyoon JEONG
    CEO, Heerim Architects & Planners
    The last day of the keynote forum of UIA 2017 Seoul Congress will be closed by the title ‘Humane Green Architecture: Whisper with the Green’ - where the selected speakers will come to share their dialogues, ideas and experiences towards the realization of Green Architecture. We shall discover their holistic endeavors and experimental approaches in seeking a more fulfilling relationship with nature, respecting the vernacular architecture, and engaging the distinctive regional characteristics of particular places translated into the modern vocabulary of architectural practice and technology.

    Can a city and nature coexist in harmony? How can the indigenous culture of a region bond with Green Architecture? How can the balance between the energy performance and sustainability agenda be achieved in a holistic point of view? What issues of Green Architecture should be addressed at both the macro and micro scales? What does the long forgotten knowledge of vernacular architecture mean in contemporary buildings? To what extent can the new smart design techniques embody the past wisdom in the modern architecture of today?

    Four architects from the America, Europe and Asia - Hani RASHID, Thomas TERAYAMA, Winy MAAS and Young Kyoon JEONG – are invited to present, share and debate their thoughts and ideas on how a city communes, interacts and balances with nature and the role of architects in building that relationship.