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Special Session

Category IT & ARCHITECTURE Virtual Reality in Architecture : Sep.4 (Mon)
Smart Move & Work : Sep.6 (Wed)
Digital Design & Fabrication : Sep.5 (Tue)
Smart City as a New Urban Platform : Sep.5 (Tue)
Kinetic Surface Design : Sep.6 (Wed)
Korean Housing Architecture Urban Development LH, Spread to the future of the world : Sep.4(Mon)
Housing Culture in Seoul over the past, present, and future : Sep.5(Tue)
Korean Traditional Architecture: Legacy and Challenges : Sep.6(Wed)
Current Issues of Architecture and City Session 1: Southeast Asian Houses: Expanding Tradition: Sep. 5(Tue)
Session 2: Southeast Asian Houses: Embracing Urban Context : Sep. 5(Tue)
Water Sensitive Urban Design for Future Sep.6(Wed)
Urban Regeneration : Sep.4(Mon)
Public Building as a Catalyst for a Change Sep.5(Tue)
Eunoia- Lecture from LG Hausys com: Sep. 5(Tue)
Future of facade and energy saving using vacuum glass: Sep 6(Wed)
Open Building Sep.4(Mon) / Sep.5(Tue)