Session 2: Southeast Asian Houses: Embracing Urban Context

Session 2: Southeast Asian Houses: Embracing Urban Context

In many metropolitan cities in Southeast Asian countries, housing begins facing the real challenges of development and urbanization, which is mainly within an urban context (60% of world population will be living in the city in the near future). This session will discuss new issues and challenges emerge, totally different from what the tradition has to offer. In this context, new tradition in housing may be introduced and its also marks the birth of modernity in housing.


Eggarin Anukulyudhathon

Associate Professor, Kasetsart University

“Retrospective to Ancient Benchmark of Living:Stepping Forward to New Modern Housing Design in Thailand”

Mark Anthony Mateo Morales

Associate Professor, University of the Philippines

“Fragmentation of Community Bonds in Urban Housing: Evolving Philippine Socio-Cultural Norm and Building Typology”

Saari Omar

Advisor/Senior Lecturer, City University of Malaysia

“The Development of Malaysian Modern Urban Housing typology”

V.R. Liban

Graduate Student (M.A. Program), University of the Philippines

“Safe Spaces: Estimating Housing Discrimination against Same-Sex Couples in Diliman, Quezon City (A Philippine Case Study”