Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration

The city once created is constantly changing, not that does not change. The city is aging and declining over time, but cities regenerate prosperity by creating new vitality through renewal. There are growing cities with ample capital & technology, abundant resources and glorious civilization, but there are also declining city with different reasons in the world. This session aims to understand the various experience to urban regeneration and exchange the successful idea of urban regeneration project according to the identity of districts and regions.


KIM, Tae-Hyun

Research Fellow, Dept. of Urban Planning & Design Research, The Seoul Institute

“Urban Regeneration in Seoul : The Strategy & Action”

HONG, Keong Gu

Professor, School of Architecture, Dankook University

“Dining Street Regeneration Project and Place Attatchment in Apsan, Deagu”

PARK, Jin Seok

Professor, School of Architecture, Kyungnam University

“Social Innovation Living : Wanwol”

YI, Jae Won

Director, Urban Architecture Station

“Life and Architecture in Garibong Regeneration area”

BAE, Woongkyoo

Professor, Dept. of Urban Design and Studies, Chung-Ang University