Open Building 2


Jin Baek

Associate Professor, Seoul National University

Keynote Speech:
“Openness and Hybridity: Lessons on the Fictive Potential of Urban Artifacts as based on Two Korean Regeneration Projects”

Stephen Kendall

Emirate professor of Ball State University

“A FIT-OUT Industry - Precondition For a Sustainable Building Stock”

Andrea Brambilla (Skype Presentation)

Politecnico di Milano

“Open Room: a Prefabricated Solution For New Strategies in Hospital Flexibility”

Shanshan LI

Lecturer, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

“Investigation of Some Refurbishment Activities in the Existing Housing”

Shushi Doi

Researcher, Ritsumeikan University

“Verification of the Infill Systems in the Skeleton Rental Housing Built in 1999 -Through a Case of Flex Court Yoshida-”

Ness, David

Associate Professor, University of South Australia

“Towards Adaptable and Reusable Building Elements: Harnessing the Versatility of the Construction Database through RFID and BIM”

Marc Köehler (presented by S.Kendall)

Director/Senior Architect, Marc Koehler Architects, Amsterdam

“Soul of the City; Cooperative Housing Development as Urban Vitalization Strategy For Industrial Wastelands”