Open Building 2


Noriyuki Tajima

Assistant Professor, Chiba Institute of Technology

“Sode-Dan Revitalizing Project – Case Study of Regenerating the Aging Mass Housing Blocks by Transferring Common Spaces Into ‘Shared’”

Pieter Herthogs

Post Doctorate, Singapore-ETH Centre

“Evaluating and Optimising the Generality and Adaptability of Floor Plans Using the SAGA Method: a Didactic Example Based on the Historical Shophouse and Gentry House Type, and a Floor Plan Optimisation of a Social Housing Unit”

Nobuyuki Nomura / Shin Murakami

NUCB Graduate School

“Study on Sustainability of the Living Environment with a Focus on Capacity of a Public Rental Housing Complex (Part 2)”

Ilya Fadjar Maharika

Associate Professor, Universitas Islam Indonesia

“Open Urban Design: An Explorative Review on Urban Design Studio”

Lin Wang

Dalian University of Technology

“A Residential Open Building Roadmap and the Potentials in China ”

Marthijn Nienko Pool

Researcher, TU Delft

“Making Inclusive Cities in the Platform Society”

Oluwasegun Akande

“Possibilities of Sustainable Social Housing in Lagos Nigeria; a Case Study of the Design, Specification and Adaptability of the New Lagos Homs Housing Scheme”