- September 5 (Tue)

Date Time Code Organization Session Title Location
September 5 (Tue) 09:30-12:30 MS14 Institute of Chinese Architecture - ASC Embrace the Cities of Future 317A
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 WP03 UIA Architecture & Children Work Programme  Architectural Awareness for Children & Young People, a Shared Responsibility; Key Actors Involved in Education & UIA Golden Cubes Award Winning Projects 2017 317A
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 WP04 ARES-Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources Zero Energy Architecture – The First UIA/ARES – U6A CPD Program 317A
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 WP05 Architecture and Tourism (Technical Chamber of Greece) Architecture et Tourisme aux Lieux de Nature Proteges 317B
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 MS04 Society of Egyptian Architects (SEA.1917) CITY SOUL 317B
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 MS02-2 Federation De Colegios De Arquitectos De La Republica Mexicana (FCARM) TBC 317B
September 5 (Tue) 11:00-13:00 MS05 Union of Architects of Russia TBC 317C
September 5 (Tue) 13:00-15:00 WP07 Educational and Cultural Spaces 4th School + 317C
September 5 (Tue) 13:00-15:00 CM01 UNESCO-UIA Validation Council for Architectural Education Soul of the UNESCO-UIA Validation System 317C
September 5 (Tue) 13:00-15:30 WP06 UIA WP Architectural Heritage  UIA WP Cultural Identity - Architectural Heritage 2014-2017 (Five Regions Activity Reports / Case Studies and Workshop)  318A
September 5 (Tue) 14:00-15:00 CM02 International Competitions Commissions(ICC) The Future of UIA-endorsed Architecture Competitions: 2017 and Onwards 318A
September 5 (Tue) 15:00-16:00 MS06 Royal Institute of British Architects-RIBA TBC 318B
September 5 (Tue) 15:00-17:00 RO03 Commonwealth Association of Architects (CAA) The Commonwealth Association of Architects – Looking into the Future 318B
September 5 (Tue) 15:00-17:00 RO01-2 Africa Union of Architects (AUA) African Cities between Identity and Urban Development/ Recommendations and Resolutions (by AUA Bureau Members) 320
September 5 (Tue) 15:00-18:00 RO04 ARCHITECTS COUNCIL OF EUROPE (ACE) and ARCHITECTS REGIONAL COUNCIL ASIA (ARCASIA) The Old Lady and the Tiger: Regional Cooperation between Europe and Asia 320
September 5 (Tue) 15:00-18:00 MS07 OAI Luxembourg-Office VALENTINY hvp Architects Opera and Concert Hall as a Part of Soul of City 320
September 5 (Tue) 15:30-18:00 WP08 UIA WP Architectural Heritage  Understanding Architectural Heritage- Activities of the World Organisations  321