- September 6 (Wed)

Date Time Code Organization Session Title Location
September 6 (Wed) 09:00-11:00 CM03 UIA Education Commission Soul of Architectural Education 317A
September 6 (Wed) 11:00-13:00 WP01 UIA-CIMES Work Program Planning + Architects - Base Plan Methodology 317A
September 6 (Wed) 11:00-13:00 MS02-3 Federation De Colegios De Arquitectos De La Republica Mexicana (FCARM) TBC 317B
September 6 (Wed) 11:00-13:00 MS08 Association of Polish Architects Form Follows Freedom 317C
September 6 (Wed) 13:00-15:00 MS09 Saudi Umran Society Saudi Umran Society Competition between the Saudi University "Urban Space" By Dr. Abdul-Aziz Al Dusari  317C
September 6 (Wed) 14:00-16:00 CM04 Professional Practice Commission (PPC) The Accord, First Pillar of the UIA - Synthesis and Actions  318A
September 6 (Wed) 15:00-16:00 MS10 Danish Embassy and Danish Association of Architects Nordic Way 318B
September 6 (Wed) 15:00-18:00 WP09 Architecture for All Work Program (AfA WP) Oral Presentations by shortlisted participants in the Friendly and Inclusive Spaces Award & Round Table Discussion 320
September 6 (Wed) 15:00-18:00 MS12 CIALP | INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF PORTUGUESE SPEAKING ARCHITECTS Urban Development through Social Housing 320
September 6 (Wed) 15:00-18:00 WP10 UIA  Work Programme “Spiritual Places” Conversions and Reconversions in the Sacred Architecture 321
September 6 (Wed)  15:00-18:00 MS11 The Japan Institute of Architects Integrated Resilience of Built-Environment 318A
September 6 (Wed)  15:00-18:00 MS13 Chamber of Architects of Turkey(CAT) TBC 321