AC07h. Residential Culture and Urban Regeneration with Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation Ⅰ(5 hour tour)

It is a tour program that can experience the residence of Seoul by visiting the real estate development project of the The Future City MAGOK that is representative of Seoul and the actual apartment house. In particular, it includes the Sangam DMC tour, which recreates the Seoul Botanical Gardens construction site and the old garbage landfill, which are creating eco-friendly eco-parks.
Date September 6, 2017 (Wed.) 13:30-18:30
Location The Future City MAGOK, Seoul Botanic Park, Sangam DMC, Sky Park
Number of
Tour Companion 1 from Hana Tour, 2 from Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation
Transportation Shuttle Bus with 45 seats
Costs Free
Reference Tablet PC / Brochure, Souvenir, Snacks
Contact Info Conductor Myung Jin Son of Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation
010-3428-6846 / 3410-7951
Time Schedule Duration
13:30 Meeting Point: COEX 50’
14:20-15:00 The Future City MAGOK 40’
15:00-15:40 Seoul Botanic Park 40
15:40-16:10 Sangam DMC 30’
16:10-17:10 Sky Park 60’
17:10-18:00 Return & Arrival: COEX / End of Tour 50’
Tour Course
The Future City MAGOK (AS-IS VS. TO-BE)
[The Future City MAGOK]

The Future City MAGOK is the only large-scale business district remaining in Seoul, and it is being built as a self-sufficient city with world-class R & D clusters, residential complexes, business / commercial complexes, industrial complexes and parks. It is a good opportunity to experience the residential culture of Seoul by visiting the apartment houses in Seoul.
Seoul Botanic Park (on Construction)
[Seoul Botanic Park]

The Seoul Botanic Park is a large-scale nature-friendly project under construction with four distinctive spaces such as open forest park, lake park, wetland ecology garden and botanical garden in order to develop nature-friendly city along with development of Magok new city. You can visit the construction site and watch the construction of the natural-friendly botanical garden frame using the frame along with the current progress.
Sangam DMC
[Sangam DMC ]

Sangam DMC is an eco-friendly city development project through ecological restoration of a huge waste landfill, and has become a cluster of advanced information media and entertainment industry. Through the DMC publicity exhibition hall, visitors can experience the importance of reproduction by crossing the current state through the past and the bus tour.

Sangam DMC is a landfill site restoration project in which a part of the landfill is recorded to create a nature friendly eco-park. Landfill gas of Nanji Island is recognized internationally through regional energy conversion. It is a program that allows visitors to see the park through a paddy electric train and see the panoramic view of Seoul and the Han River at a glance.