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Keynote Speech
Keynote speeches and presentations on the key issues of today’s architecture delivered by internationally renowned architects and global leaders
Keynote Forum
In-depth discussion on the sub-themes (Future, Culture, and Nature) in the global perspective for domestic and international architects or experts
Paper/Design Work Presentation
Scientific papers and design works presentations related to congress’ sub-themes
Special Session
Participatory session of relevant national/international academic, government, and tertiary institutes
Student and Young Architects Platform
Held triennially, the UIA Congress is a platform for sharing knowledge beyond borders and cultures within the architectural professions, and the congress will have six complex components, which includes a Student Program. Having students as part of the audience at the congress will foster and engender the future generation of architects in a dialogue on the current and future architectural education and practices. There will be five main student platforms, running parallel with the professional program, taking place from the 3rd to the 10th of September. The Student Program at UIA Seoul embraces the theme of Soul of City and the sub-themes of Architecture Conflux and Resilient Cities through Culture, and students from around the world will convene to discuss, exchange, collaborate, and celebrate.
Official/Social Program