> SEOUL Poster Competition

‘Imagine your SEOUL’
Poster Competition for Middle/high school students.


Often called the “Olympics of Architects,” the International Union of Architects (UIA) World Congresses have proven to be the premier forum for professionals and future leaders interested in the field of architecture to exchange the best and latest practices, visions, and first-hand experience. This triennial event brings together thousands of participants from all over the world and 26th UIA World Congress will take place in Seoul between September 3 and 10, 2017.

The UIA 2017 Seoul Organizing Committee cordially invites middle/high school students to partake in the student posters competition ’ Imagine your SEOUL.’ Participating students will be able to showcase their innovative ideas on Seoul’s architecture, cityscapes and culture to fellow Seoulites and the world, which may change our tomorrow.

Posters must be submitted via post to the UIA 2017 Seoul Secretariat and please refer to guidelines below for more information.

We very much look forward to your ideas and insights.

Guidelines for Poster Submission


Contents of the poster should be related to one of the topics listed below.

Images of Seoul in the future by reflecting the past, present and future of Seoul

Images of “Sustainable Seoul” in witty and youthful ways by reflecting own experience

Images of “Attractive Seoul” with sympathetic contents

Images of “Evolutionary Seoul” by implying innovative contents or philosophical messages


Competition Opens: May 1, 2017

Submission Closes: August 25, 2017

Review Process: August 28, 2017

Announcement of winning entries: August 30, 2017 *will be announced on UIA 2017 Seoul official website

Poster Exhibition: September 4-7, 2017 in Hall C at COEX


Middle & High School Student between the ages of 14 and 19

Individual or Two-pairs* entries
* Please appoint a representative for communications with the UIA 2017 Seoul Secretariat. All notifications



1. Find the download button to download ‘UIA 2017 SEOUL_Poster Competition format’ and print the format in A3 size.

2. Please express your ideas onto the printed format and submit to the UIA 2017 Seoul Secretariat via post by August 25, 2017.

*Use of materials and expressions are up to participants’ wills.
(EX. Photomontage, Sketch, Collage, 3D, etc….)
*Maximum of 3 projects can be submitted per person.


Poster: The final version of poster(s) in A3 size

Application Form: To be downloaded from the UIA 2017 Seoul and submitted with poster(s)

A copy of student ID


UIA 2017 SEOUL Secretariat

2F, 317 Hyoryeong-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06643, Republic of Korea


Postage is to be paid by an applicant, and submitted poster(s) should be packed individually with other requested materials indicated above. Posters are delivered until August 25, 2017 to the secretariat office will be only accepted to be reviewed.

Judges are to be selected from the members of the UIA 2017 Seoul Organizing Committee.

Please do not insert any other materials that are not indicated above.

Award & Prize may be canceled in case of plagiarism.

Submitted works will not be returned, and can be used in printed or any forms of publications by the UIA 2017 Seoul. Winning entries will be exhibited during the UIA 2017 Seoul and comments from architects from all over the world received for each winning entry will be sent to awardees via email.


  Middle School Student High School Student
1st Prize (1 team) Certificate and KRW400,000 Certificate and KRW400,000
2nd Prize (2 teams) Certificate and KRW200,000 Certificate and KRW200,000
3rd Prize (5 teams) Certificate and KRW100,000 Certificate and KRW100,000

※ Number of awarded team can be reduced by the result of reviewing from the judging committeethe judges. Taxes and public utilities’ charge of Prize will be deducted from the awarded prize money. Taxes and the public utilities' charge of Prize is on awardee.


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