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From Airport to COEX

  • From Incheon International Airport

  • Incheon International Airport Guide

    The Incheon International Airport connects approximately 180 cities in about 60 nations all over the world and accommodates around 410,000 times of flight operations a year. It is located approximately one hour away from downtown Seoul. For detailed information on the airport facilities and transportation, please refer to its website at http://www.airport.kr/pa/en/a/index.jsp.

  • For more information, please visit the website

  • • Airport Bus

    Bus No. Area Station Bus Stop No. Location
    City Airport (6103) Seoul(East) heongdam Stn.(Gangnam-gu Office),
    Samseong Stn.(COEX),
    Trade Center City Air Terminal(COEX),
    Korea Dosim Airport Terminal
    1st Floor 3B, 9B
    Interval 15~20min. Traveling time 65~80 min. (approx. 70km)
    Type Limousine (Deluxe) Fare KRW 16,000
    Gang Dong Gu
    Seoul(East) Prima Hotel,
    Hotel Riviera(Aloft Gangnam hotel, Chungdam Stn.),
    Samseong Stn. (COEX)
    1st Floor 4B, 11A
    Interval 10~20min. Traveling time 65~85 min. (approx. 70km)
    Type Limousine (Deluxe) Fare KRW 15,000
    Gangnam / COEX
    Seoul(South) Imperial Palace Hotel,
    Ramada Seoul Hotel,
    COEX InterContinental Hotel,
    Park Hyatt Seoul Hotel(Samsung Stn.),
    Ibis Ambassador Seoul Hotel,
    Grand InterContinental Hotel
    1st Floor 4A, 10B
    Interval 30min. Traveling time 70~80 min. (approx. 70km)
    Type Limousine (Deluxe) Fare KRW 16,000
  • • Subway

    Traveling Time Approximately 100 minutes
    Operating Hours 05:24~23:12
    Departing Point Incheon International Airport (B1F)
    Transfer Point Gimpo Airport Station (Line 9)
    Single fare KRW 4,350 (adult)
    Destination Bongeunsa Station (Line 9)
    Website http://www.arex.or.kr
  • • Taxis

    Traveling Time Approximately 80 minutes
    Single fare KRW 70,000 (standard taxi) / KRW 100,000 (deluxe taxi)
    Website http://www.cyberairport.kr/pa/en/a/3/1/4/index.jsp

  • From Gimpo International Airport

  • Gimpo International Airport Guide

    Gimpo International Airport was named by Presidential Order in 1958 and its full-scale upgrade into an international airport was completed in 1971. Gimpo International Airport has been the gateway to Seoul, Republic of Korea and nowadays it is giving new pleasure to airport travelers of enjoying the complex space, called ‘Sky City’ which is a place of culture, leisure and shopping. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.airport.co.kr/gimpoeng/index.do.

  • • CALT Limousine Bus (No.6104)

    Traveling Time Approximately 45~55 minutes (approximately 35km)
    Single fare KRW 7,500 (adult) / KRW 5,000 (child)
    Departing point Gimpo International Airport (1F) Platform 6
    Destination Samsungdong, Trade Center(COEX)
    Where to buy tickets CALT Limousine Bus Stops
    Website http://www.airport.co.kr/gimpoeng/extra/bus/busList/layOut.do?busType=I&cId=&menuId=1834
  • • Subway

    Traveling Time Approximately 67 minutes
    Operating Hours 05:30~24:00
    Departing Point Gimpo International Airport (B1F)
    Single fare KRW 1,650 (adult)
    Destination Bongeunsa Station (Line 9)
    Website http://www.metro9.co.kr/eng/index.jsp
  • • Taxis

    Traveling Time Approximately 50 minutes
    Single fare KRW 30,000 (standard taxi) / KRW 50,000 (deluxe taxi)
    Website http://www.airport.co.kr/gimpoeng/subIndex/3227.do

  • Location of CALT (City Airport Terminal)

    If you use CALT service, you can check-in with your airline on the first floor of City Airport, and have your seat assigned, and Baggage Check-in, fast and conveniently in advance.

    Location 2F, City Airport Terminal
    In between COEX and Hyundai Department Store
    Traveling Time Approximately 10 minutes on foot from COEX North Gate
    Airlines provided check-in service at City Airport Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines, Jeju Air, Thai Airways, Air Canada, Philippine Airlines, MIAT Mongolian Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines


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