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UIA 2017 Exhibition, Sep. 4(Mon) – 7(Thu), Coex Seoul


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Expected effect

- Participate in the world-class architecture and culture festival
- Promoting communication between global architects and the citizen
- Contributing to the development of humanity by making efforts for the development of urban and residential environment and culture




• DATE Sep. 4(Mon) – 7(Thu)
• VENUE Hall C (3F), COEX, Seoul
• CONCURRENT EXHIBITION: UIA PLAZA, Architecture Fair , Student and Young Architects Platform



• UIA Plaza

Contains the exhibition of UIA Member Sections, Work Programs, Commissions and UIA Regional Organizations.


• Architecture Fair :

Promises to offer the latest product developments, technological innovations, and services offerings in the world of architecture and design.


• Student & Young Architects Platform

Is to be a festivity for everyone: students, professionals, young architects, and the public, in celebrating and embracing architecture.


Celebrities, students and young architects, architectural groups, architectural legislative organization, the general public etc.




• Architecture Fair
Email : uia2017ex@gmail.com / Tel. 02) 070-7772-7052

• UIA Plaza
Email : exhibition@uia2017seoul.org / Tel. 02) 6288-6356 Fax. 02) 6288-6399